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Group Classes...Dog Skills

All classes are run using force-free methods. We focus on teaching your dog what to do, and aim to make it fun for both you & your dog!

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For dogs aged 5 months and older, our Dog Skills classes cover general good dog manners, obedience as well as lots of information on managing and handling your dog for life.

There are 4 Levels within Dog Skills, and we add more complex skills and distractions as your dog progresses through the levels.

All dogs begin at Level 1, and progress at ther own pace.

Topics will vary week by week, with the overall aim of each level:
Level 1 – settling into class, building self-control, working under distractions
Level 2 – beginning to increase distraction & work on more difficult behaviours
Level 3 – yet again increasing distractions & asking our dogs for a bit more
Level 4 – ongoing skill development

Topics across the levels may include sit, stay, lie down, relaxation, mat training, grooming/handling, jumping, destruction & enrichment, coming when called, lead walking skills, meeting & greeting other dogs, tricks, agility for fun, nose work games, shaping & problem solving, and more. All levels will of course include fun & socialisation!

These classes are perfect as the next step from puppy pre-school, for dogs new to the family, for adolescent dogs who may have missed early training, for dogs preparing for public access tests or for any owner who would like to continue building on their dog's skills set!

Cost/dog Package
$165 Unlimited* classes for 6 weeks
$200 Unlimited* classes for 1 term
$350 Unlimited* classes for 6 months (2 Terms)
$550 Unlimited* classes for 1 year
$25 Casual class - only for existing clients

* classes available for your dog’s level & below.  Availability as per published schedule.  Schedule published on a quarterly basis, and subject to change.  All prices per dog. Casual classes only available to existing clients of The Dog Project™

Renewals are also offered on a per-term basis ($200/term for unlimited days; $120 for 1-day only)

When & how do I start?

  1. Sign-up for the time-period package of your choice
  2. Complete our online questionnaire
  3. Join a Welcome class - this is dog-free and anyone new to this class MUST attend one of these before joining our regular classes
  4. Your time-period will commence from the date of the welcome class you attend
  5. Come along to a Dog Skills class! See our schedule for class times & locations.

We do have breaks in our class schedule. Should your package run across these breaks, time will be added in lieu.

Dog Skills classes are not suitable for dogs who react to other dogs - please see our Growly Greeters class, or contact us as to the most appropriate step for your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have more than 1 dog that I would like to bring along, do I need to register all dogs?

The cost is per dog, with subsequent dogs available at a discount of 20%. Use code DOG2 at checkout. This discount is only valid for Dog Skills memberships.

There must be 1 handler per dog in each class. If you would like to bring two dogs with 1 handler (to alternate classes) please contact us.

I'd like to join but have a holiday planned in the middle of my package

Please speak to us as we can arrange pauses in packages on a case by case basis.

I can't make any of the scheduled Welcome classes

Please contact us to see if we can arrange an alternate time

How do you manage class size?

We ensure there is at least 1 Instructor per 7 dogs (often it's a much smaller ratio), and limit the intake into class via our scheduling of Welcome classes.

What happens in wet weather?

We either have an alternate venue or cancel class. In the event of a class cancelation, an extra week will be added to each package.

Terms & Conditions for Term-based memberships

Each term is based on approximately 10 weeks of classes. There is an allowance of 1 week per term for wet weather/cancellations. In the event of more cancellations, additional classes may be added, or discounts applied for future terms. Term-based memberships are fully refundable up until your dog's first attendence. From there they are non-refundable but are fully transferable to other services, or able to be paused via communication with us. Part-term membership is available at a pro-rata rate. Contact us to find out a price! If you have signed up for one-day only and cannot make that day in that week, you are able to attend an alternate day, but please contact us first.


"You were excellent in helping us understand Ned. The course was terrific in showing us what we should be doing with Ned & so encouraging to us that we wanted to do the right things for Neddy!" - Graham, Beryl & Ned, Tarrawanna

"Jessie & I have enjoyed The Dog Project so much. Our Border Collie has become a lot easier to manage & we learned how to harness her breed's qualities in transferable fun games for the beach." - Nick, Jessie & Poppy, Barrack Heights


If you’re unsure if a class environment is suitable for your dog, or have any questions in regards to class, please contact us