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Visit our Locations and Times page for full details on where and when classes are held. 

All classes are run using positive reinforcement, non-dominance methods. We focus on teaching your dog how to behave, and aim to make it fun for both you & your dog!


Growly Greeters

Growly Greeters class by The Dog Project

Does your dog react to other dogs when on lead? Are you stressed whenever you see another dog while out walking, or just aren't sure what your dog will do?

This course is designed for dogs who have 'issues' with other dogs. We begin the 5-week course dog-free, setting you as owners up for the rest of the course, then gradually add our dogs, working within their thresholds to give you the tools & techniques to help them be more calm & comfortable when out & about.

The class is very controlled, with dogs resting in their owners cars (with owner if need be: you will still be able to watch most of the class) between sessions. We also utilise fake & neutral dogs (brought in by the trainers) to help throughout the sessions, moving on to working with other dogs in class if appropriate.

Classes are limited to 4 dogs per class.

  • Duration: 5 weeks (1st week dog free), 75 minutes per class
  • Cost: $220 per dog

See our Locations & Times page for the next available class date or register online.


Ongoing Growly Greeters (Level 2)

For graduates of Growly Greeters, we are now offering a Level 2 class. This class will begin to introduce more 'obedience' behaviours, operating as more of a 'regular' class, with all dogs being in the same area at the same time. We will alternate with weeks of K9 Nose Work(R), focusing on the therapeutic benefits. It is strictly limited to 6 dogs per class.

The class can act as a 'bridging' class, enabling graduates to potentially join Dog Skills lessons at an appropriate level.

As of October 2018, this class will run on an ongoing basis during school terms, with clients able to attend when it suits them. Simply purchase credits & register your choice of dates to attend (detailed 'how to' information below).

  • Duration: Ongoing during school terms, 45-60 mins per class
  • Cost: See below table for options
  • Package Cost Expiry
    2 credits $55 6 weeks
    6 credits $132 4 months
    10 credits $175 6 months

How to Sign Up:

You must purchase a package in order to participate in class.

Once you have purchased a package, you will be able to sign-up to individual class dates. You can select any available dates within the period of expiry.

  1. Visit our class registration page: (
  2. Click on "sign-up" next to the class you would like
  3. The website will prompt you to login if you haven't visited in a while - there are options if you don't know your password
  4. Select the dog & your start date (Please note this will only register you for 1 class)
  5. If you have registered a package, the website will ask if you would like to use a credit (select yes)
  6. Select "continue"
  7. If you would like to add more dates, select "continue shopping"
  8. Once you have all dates you would like to add, select "complete registration"
  9. You can repeat this process at a later date if you do not use all your credits

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Terms & conditions: cancellation of a registration is OK up to 24 hours before class. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice may result in the credit forfeited. Classes may be cancelled in the event of inclement weather & credits restored - please visit the website or Facebook page for details

"Growly Greeters helped us understand her behaviour & how to help her relax around other dogs" - Sharon, Luke & Lulu, Mt St Thomas


Numbers for all classes are strictly limited to ensure you and your dog receive the attention you deserve.

If you’re unsure if a class environment is suitable for your dog, please contact us