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Puppy Classes

Puppies are super cute, super endearing, and can be super challenging! Every waking moment is filled with exploration & learning...

Our puppy classes harness that uber-cuteness & take on the challenges, giving you a sweet puppy with valuable life skills. Whether you're planning on taking your pup to champion-level dog sports, or be a well behaved pooch at a cafe or friends house, we can give you the skills to get them there.

Our classes are designed as opportunities for your puppy to have a fabulous time in a controlled, safe, environment, plus the chance for your to be armed with the latest information on how dogs learn, setting you up to have a responsive, brilliant dog!


Puppy PreSchool Lola graduating puppy pre school

  • Our recommended entry point for your brand new puppy
  • For pups aged 8 - 16 weeks
  • 5 week course, 1hr per week
  • 1st class is no puppies
  • Topics include the latest information on understanding & bringing up your puppy, great settling, 'good dog' & obedience behaviours, tips & techniques for common puppy problems including puppy biting, jumping, toilet training & more; as well as relevant health topics. Plus of course the chance for your puppies to interact & play with other pups of varying sizes and ages, as well as explore a fun range of puppy play equipment.
  • Limited number of pups per class
  • Classes begin every 2 to 3 weeks
  • $140/pup

See locations & times for the next available puppy preschool!



All classes are run using force-free methods. We focus on teaching your dog what to do, and aim to make it fun for both you & your dog!

If you’re unsure if a class environment is suitable for your dog, or have any questions in regards to class, please contact us