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Dog Walking

The Dog Project™ no longer offers simple dog walking, however we do offer Walk & Train services:

The ultimate objective of pet dog training is to train you as the owner to be able to teach, manage & live with your dog, as you spend the most time with them! If you train them then you're able to adjust that training, or return to more training as required.

Dogs are also generally terrible at generalising. That is, they will learn how to behave within a specific set of circumstances (a particular person, location, etc), but struggle to replicate that behaviour elsewhere, unless training is generalised too.

However we do understand there are some circumstances where the training required is of a more advanced level, or time constraints mean owners aren't able to commit to ongoing training. In these instances, on a case by case basis, we offer Walk & Train.

Walk & Train means one of our trainers comes to your home regularly & conducts a private training session with your dog, without you. This could be out & about, or it could be in-home, depending on the behaviour being focused on. It is very similar to 'board & train' options, but in this instance your dog gets to stay in the comfort of their own home, and the training occurs at locations they normally spend time in.

Walk & Train packages begin from $700 for a 6-week training program. Please contact us to see if this is a suitable option for your dog & training requirements.