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Top Treat Toys

6 March 2018

There are SO many treat-dispensing toys & puzzles on the market. So which are the best? Every dog will have their own unique preference, but we've asked 2 experts on the matter, Loki & Sia, to outline their favourites - and they've had lots of experience! Find the full article here

Competition Time: March 2018

Enrichment Competition Terms & Conditions

Entry is open to residents of Australia. Entries permitted via Facebook ( or instagram ( Entries open until 12 midnight Sat 31 March 2018 AEDST. One entry per person. Winner will be chosen by our Judges, and Judge's decision is final. Winner will be notified via the social media platform they used to make the entry. By entering, entrant gives permission for The Dog Project to share their entry (with name credit) via their social media platforms. Prize includes 1 x group course for 1 dog run by The Dog Project, or 90 mins of in-home training. Group courses include any of Puppy PreSchool, Dog Skills 6 week membership, Beginners or Intro to Odour K9 Nose Work, Ongoing K9 Nose Work x 6 package, Growly Greeters or Growly Greeters 2. Courses run from 5 - 6 weeks, & are held in the Wollongong region. In-home training is available between Scarborough - Shell Cove. If winner resides outside of the area they are welcome to attend private training at The Dog Project's training venue in Fernhill. Prize can be transfered to another owner/dog. Prize is not redeemable for cash.

Kong Competition Terms & Conditions

Entry is open to residents of Australia. Entries permitted via Facebook ( or instagram ( Entries open until 12 midnight Sun 4 March 2018 AEDST. You may enter as many times as you like. Winner will be chosen by random & notified via the social media platform they used to make the entry. Prize will be posted to an address within Australia, and is not redeemable for cash.

Crate Hire

4 February 2015

We offer a crate-hire service, enabling you to either try-before-you-buy, or for those requiring one for a short term.

Crates available are large wire crates.

wire dog crate for hire

Dimensions: Length 90cm, Width 55cm, Height 65cm

$50 fully-refundable deposit. $5/week hire.

Bedding or water bowls not included.

Pick up / drop off Fairy Meadow. Contact us to book.

Bear's Gift

30 August 2014

Growly Greeters scholarship

Community to have a say on changes to companion animals & dangerous dogs laws

25 March 2013

Minister for Local Government Don Page and Minister for Primary Industries Katrina Hodgkinson are today encouraging the NSW community to have a say on the proposals made by the State's first pet taskforce.

"Two reports from the Companion Animals Taskforce, which have been released today, make recommendations to improve animal welfare and the management of domestic cats and dogs in NSW," Mr Page said.

Each year over 30,000 dogs and cats are euthanased in NSW. "The key objectives of the Taskforce were to reduce this tragic toll, while safeguarding the community from dangerous dogs and boosting registration and microchipping rates,'' Mr Page said.

Some of the key recommendations include:
 Options to introduce annual registration and fees for all cats and dogs;
 Registration discounts for buying an animal from a pound or shelter;
 Proposals to establish a breeder licensing system to encourage responsible breeding;
 Stronger powers to manage and restrict dangerous dogs; and
 Statewide education programs concerning animal welfare.

"The NSW Government has established a six-week consultation period, starting this Wednesday, to gather the views of all interested groups and individuals prior to formulating its response to the reports," Mr Page said.

"We are particularly interested in responses to issues not included in the 2012 Taskforce discussion paper, such as the dangerous dog recommendations."

"This is a unique opportunity to better protect the welfare of cats and dogs while enhancing community safety and making it easier for people to care for companion animals," Ms Hodgkinson said.

"I encourage anyone with an interest in these issues to lodge a submission.

"I would like to thank veterinarian and Member for Charlestown Dr Andrew Cornwell MP for chairing the Taskforce, as well as the Taskforce members for their commitment and diligent work," Ms Hodgkinson said.
All submissions will be published on the Division of Local Government's website.

The two taskforce reports and feedback forms are available at

Submissions close on Friday, 10 May 2013

Top Dog Names 2012

4 January 2013

We've run through the roll calls of all our The Dog Project graduates born in 2012, & have the most popular names for our pups last year:


  1. Milly (with many spelling variations)
  2. Bella
  3. Roxy


  1. Max
  2. Charlie
  3. Toby

The boy names seem to be consistent with other 'most popular name' lists, but Milly & Roxy seem to be a little bit unique to Wollongong. Bella is popular in both Australia & the USA.

Generally we had a huge amount of variety, & lots & lots of unique names including Tonka, Roman, Nutella, Flash, Jagger, Earl, Dutch, Lady, Noodle, Odin & so, so many more!

Delta Therapy Dogs - Update

21 December 2012

Unfortunately the assessment day is being held in Castle Hill on 2 February 2013. Residents of Wollongong are very welcome to attend, and the Delta Society are looking for volunteers in the area but unfortunately they're not set up to come down south for the assessment day.

Sorry for the mis-information everyone: it was a mis-communication between myself & The Delta Society.

I plan to lobby for an assessment day here but it may be some time away :(

Delta Therapy Dogs

20 November 2012

The Delta Society runs the Delta Therapy Dogs program, which takes dogs into hospitals & nursing homes to bring joy to the patients/residents. If you're interested in yourself & your dog becoming a volunteer, they are holding an assessment day in Wollongong on 2 February 2013.

Visit their web site for information on what is expected of you & your dog, what criteria is assessed, & to apply to join in on the assessment day.

Looking for a new home

11 July 2012

Boris_looking for a new home

Boris is an 8-month old desexed male Staffy X. He's an energetic loving boy who would need on-going training and experienced owners. He wouldn't suit a young family, and would need to be the only pet in the household. He gets along well with other dogs when meeting on a walk or in play, but doesn't handle stress particularly well. He's available free to the right home. For more information contact me - 0450 303 089.

NEW Puppy Pre School at Greencross Vets Warilla-Shell Cove

24 May 2012

I will be running the next puppy pre school at Greencross Vets in Warilla, kicking off Tuesday 12th June. Class numbers are limited, details on our Class Locations page, or contact me if you're interested in attending.

Million Paws Walk 2012 - The Photos

21 May 2012

We had such a fun time at this year's walk. We shared a stall with Bang Bang & Fluff, the pet grooming salon now based at Greencross Vets Fairy Meadow, and between Riannan & myself gave out dozens of free hair bows, a couple of jar fulls of treats (in exchange for a trick), and riased $75 for the RSPCA from our $2 nail clip.  It was a great start, & we'd like to double that next year!

Congratulations to Nadine and her pooch Ava who took home our prize pack containing grooming vouchers, dog shampoo, lead, harness and training pouch & treats.

The walk had an excellent turn out on a fine but chilly day, and you can see all the action in our facebook albums:

Bang Bang & Fluff facebook album
The Dog Project facebook album

You don't need to be a facebook member to view either of them.

Million Paws Walk 2012

15 May 2012

The annual Million Paws Walk is a fun walk, a social outing for your beloved pooch & a celebration of responsible pet ownership but also a key fundraising event for the RSPCA.  With 44,000 animals finding shelter with the RSPCA in NSW alone each year every dollar counts! 

This year we will be hosting a stall at the event, alongside Bang Bang & Fluff, the brand new pet grooming salon open at Greencross Fairy Meadow.  Come along & meet Riannan & myself, pick up some freebies or go in the draw to win a very nice prize. 

In the Illawarra, the walk will take place at 10am at Reddall Reserve, Lake Illawarra on Sunday 20th May.  You don’t even need a dog to participate! 

For information on what’s happening, or to register to participate, visit the RSPCA’s web site

We look forward to seeing you there!

Advanced Class Update

26 April 2012

We've had a very enjoyable start to our Advanced class, with the dogs learning some self-control games, some balance & proprioception work on planks and through hoops, and some fun show-off style tricks including roll over and crawl. It's been great to see both dogs & handlers progress each week!

Our next Introductory session for the Advanced class will be on Thursday 31st May at 6pm, with classes running on the first Thursday of each month, from 7pm - 8:30pm at Greencross Vets Fairy Meadow.

New Advanced Classes

6 March 2012

I'm very excited to announce the start of our Advanced classes, a chance for you to continue teaching your dog, and for both of you to have a lot of fun doing it!

These classes are designed for graduates of a group or private class run by The Dog Project that has introduced clicker training (Pet Dog Manners or Workshop graduates, or private class graduates). It's essential your dog understands that click = food!

The class will operate on a casual basis, with attendees able to drop in week by week. Everyone must first attend an Introductory class, which will be held about once a month.

Our first Introductory class will be held Thursday 22nd March 2012 at Greencross Vets Fairy Meadow, from 6:30pm - 8:30pm, followed by casual classes each Thursday from 7pm - 8:30pm.

A starter pack, which includes the Introductory class and 3 casual visits, is $80.

To register your interest, or for more information please contact Jacqui.

Adoptable Pet of the Week, Wollongong

29 February 2012

Herbie is looking for a forever home

How can you resist this face? Herbie has been at the RSPCA for a little while now and would love to find his forever home. He's a very loving, energetic boy, and you should see him run when he's given the chance (the lovely ladies at the RSPCA ensure he gets a chance to stretch his legs).

For anyone that adopts him I'll give you 50% off the Workshop for walking nicely on a lead and coming when called.

Find out more about Herbie on his Adopt a Pet page.

Want to participate in research?

7 February 2012

Diane van Rooy, a veterinarian with the University of Sydney, is looking for dogs to assist with research. It's mostly behaviour-based, with a possible small DNA check. Please see her note below.

WANTED: Labrador & Golden retriever volunteers for a research project

My name is Diane van Rooy. I am a veterinarian undertaking a Masters research project on genetics of separation-related distress in dogs. Affected dogs show physical and behavioural signs of distress in the absence of their owner, with the most common signs being barking, howling, destruction, pacing, house soiling, escape attempts and self trauma. Anyone who has had a dog with separation-related distress knows how devastating it can be for both dog and owner.

If we can identify the genes involved, we can potentially help breeders select against the disorder. We could identify at-risk dogs before they show signs, possibly preventing the onset with early management. This project could even help develop more specific medications to improve the quality of life of affected dogs.

We are looking to recruit Labradors and Golden retrievers and we need dogs that show signs of separation related distress and those that do not.

What's involved?
We will ask you to fill in a questionnaire that will assist us to determine if your dog will be helpful to our research. Depending upon your responses in the questionnaire we may also be collecting a DNA sample (cheek swab) from your dog. This procedure will cause minimal discomfort to your pet.

Anyone happy to be involved can email me at or phone 0423 087 823.

This project is being carried out by The Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney.


25 January 2012

Tomorrow will no doubt bring more fireworks (they are definitely planned in Wollongong), and whilst they may not be on the scale of New Years Eve they can still strike fear into many of our beloved dogs and other pets.

The RSPCA has some great advice on helping pets cope with fireworks: you can find their full article here.

Some dogs don’t even notice fireworks, and aren’t worried about storms.  Some show very drastic responses such as destroying doors or escaping, and others show mild stress responses such as pacing & panting.  If your dog is showing mild stress behaviours you can try counter-conditioning them.  Try dropping food (chicken is great here!) for them when thunder is crashing or the fireworks are cracking.  We’re telling our dogs that these noises = food, and over time we should see a reduction in stress signals. We're slowly converting a negative thing into a positive through the use of a valued resource (chicken or whatever it is that your dog LOVES).  This won’t happen in days or even weeks, but you will most definitely see progress with an ongoing program. 

If your dog is showing more drastic responses contact me for help as medications may be required, at least in the short term, to help them cope with this anxiety. 

Pet insurance

24 January 2012

Pet insurance is growing in popularity in Australia and could be well-worth the investment. There are now many companies offering pet insurance so be sure to shop around. Generally pet insurance works to pay your pet's medical costs if they were to suffer an unexpected illness or be injured in an accident. Vet bills can quickly add up, and outlaying a couple of hundred dollars a year on insurance may be worthwhile compared to outlaying a couple of thousand in an emergency. Having pet insurance also takes the monetary consideration away if your pet is diagnosed with an illness that will require ongoing treatment: pet insurance companies should cover this & therefore you don't have to make any hard decisions.

We are not affiliated with any company, and recommend you do your research and find one that best suits you. We do recommend you look for cover that includes both accident and illness.

Some current promotions include:

  • Pet Plan are offering 10% off Covered for Life insurance plans until 31 January 2012.
  • Woolworths Pet Insurance are giving away a $25 gift card & 1000 Qantas frequent flyer points for new policyholders before 31 March 2012.
  • The RSPCA offer pet insurance, and pledge that 20% of premiums go back into supporting the RSPCA so not only do you have peace of mind for your pet's cover but also feel good that you're supporting a charity!

Other providers include, but of course are not limited to: Medibank pet insurance, Real pet insurance, Bow Wow Meow pet insurance, Pet Secure, Petcover pet health insurance, and Pet Insurance Australia.

Choice magazine compared a few. Shop around and find a policy that suits you!

Breed specific legislation

9 January 2012

I recently read an interesting article in the Medical Journal of Australia titled Dog bites in Australian children(MJA 195 (11/12) - 5/19 December 2011). The article looked at, among other things, breeds in relations to injuries. The main concensus was that any breed is capable of biting, and that the severity of the bite will of course depend on the size of the breed. Interestingly the Netherlands has repealed breed-specific legislation because they found no one breed was more dangerous than any other. They instead focus on training, and on owners where the dog hasn't interacted with the human they've bitten. Studies across the world have failed to show improvements in the incidence of bites after breed-specific legislation was passed.

Given all this data surely educating children, and adults, on dog body language & how to interact with dogs of all shapes & sizes will benefit both humans and dogs in the long run.

The Dog Project Gift Vouchers

6 December 2011

Know someone who could benefit from some help with their dog? The Dog Project Gift Voucher could be just what you're looking for! Vouchers for private training sessions are available from $150. Contact Jacqui if you're interested.

Christmas Gift Ideas

1 December 2011

Looking for some Christmas stocking fillers? Below are some great ideas, and they support dogs in need too.

  • A range of 2012 Calendars from doggy charitable causes including the RSPCA's dog calendar, RSPCA's Peter Alexander calendar and Rescued Bull breeds.
  • Red Dog - This feelgood Aussie movie is released on DVD on 1 December, and Roadshow Videos are donating $1 from every copy sold in Coles to the RSPCA.
  • Turning your pet into your pal with 'Life Skills' pet dog training - produced by the RSPCA in the ACT, this is a fantastic read for new dog owners, or people who've recently adopted a dog. It's an easy read but succinctly sums up positive reinforcement training for the whole family. I've got a limited number of copies for the discount price of $15 including P&H anywhere within Australia, sales before 15 December 2011. Contact me to purchase.

I'll bring you any more that come to my attention!

Cesar Millan

22 November 2011

I attended Cesar’s Pack Leader Tour show is Sydney last weekend.  Cesar is not the dog training world’s favourite person, and in some respects I agree with this view, however in others he has a very positive message for the world.

I feel Cesar’s message is really to listen & communicate with your dog.  He tries to explain this through ‘pack leadership’ which I think is an out-dated term.  It is easily misinterpreted into needing to be an ‘alpha’ to your dog, and that they essentially fight it out with you in terms of who is ‘top dog’.  This is not the truth at all.  Dogs do appreciate guidance & boundaries, but they rarely have a desire to fight for ‘dominance’.  If you have a dog who is ‘stubborn’, ‘aggressive’ or simply doesn’t listen then it’s likely you’re not communicating effectively with them.  Find the right way to communicate with your dog and you’ll be amazed at the changes.  How does your dog learn?  How do you teach them things? 

‘Dominant’ dogs are often excited or fearful, and need to be worked with as such.  Your dog doesn’t bark & snarl to protect you, he’s insecure and scared and is using a means to stay clear of danger. 

Cesar’s seminar was very much about working at the pace of the dog, and although some of his techniques can be aversive and sometimes downright dangerous, in this seminar he showed he’s mostly moving in the right direction. 

He definitely has the power to help a lot of dogs in the world, let’s hope he adjusts his message clearly enough to get through. 

Adopt a Dog

17 November 2011

Unfortunately his profile on RSPCA's Adopt A Pet web site doesn't have a picture but I can assure you Herbie, a young brindle Greyhound, is very cute! He gets along well with other dogs but does like to chase cats and other small pets. He'a very friendly & cuddly and would make a great family pet.

As with any of the dogs profiled on my web site, I am giving you 25% off the cost of attending any of Pet Dog Manners, On Lead Manners & Coming When Called Workshop or a private consultation if you adopt him. Check out our Classes & Workshops page for more information.

Adopt a Dog

11 November 2011

Each week I'll bring you the profile of a new dog who is looking for their forever home, or in the case of those who still haven't found one, they may be re-listed!

Bull looking for a forever home

This week it's Bull, a young, very friendly Bull Arab cross who, although he wouldn't be a safe bet with cats, gets along with other friendly dogs and is looking for a family who will continue his training (he already knows how to shake hands, sit and lie down). Check out his profile on RSPCA's Adopt A Pet web site.

Gorgeous 2012 Calendar

9 November 2011

Bull breed are over-represented in pounds & shelters across Australia. This 2012 calendar by Sydney photographer Ruth O'Leary captures the most amazing images of various bull breed dogs who've been lucky enough to get a second chance and are now living in comfortable second homes. Although as we type Mr March is still looking for his forever home (while he relaxes in the comfort of his foster home). You can view his bio at Pet Rescue.

The calendars are available on the Ruthless Leather web site, and all proceeds will go towards supporting saving bull breeds. A great Christmas gift or a little something for yourself!

Kosta found a home!

3 November 2011

The news that Kosta has found a forever home has made my day. Apparently he's settled in with a family with another dog, and is enjoying his new comfortable life.

Of course there are still many more who are searching for their forever home. Look for your perfect match on the RSPCA's Adopt a Pet site.

$10 Microchipping - Wollongong & Shellharbour Councils

19 September 2011

Haven't had a chance to microchip your pet yet? Microchipping and then registering your pet with the council will make returning them to you so much easier if they become lost. It is a simple procedure and now the local Councils are offering a special deal to make it inexcusable to miss!

Both Wollongong City Council and Shellharbour Council are offering $10 microchipping (usually $42 or so) for residents who own a pet 12 weeks or older for one day only:

Shellharbour - Ski Way Park, Oak Flats, Sunday 25 September from 9am - 12 noon. Call 4221 611 for more information.

Wollongong - at RSPCA Unanderra, Saturday 8 October from 10am - 2pm. Visit the Wollongong Council web site for more information, or call 4227 7111.

For both you need to bring proof you are residents or rate payers - check with your local Council what is needed.

Kosta needs a home

16 September 2011

Kosta is a real sweetheart but for some reason he's been overlooked so far and he would really benefit from a forever home very soon! The RSPCA have written a great profile on him. He's very sweet, gets along with people, other dogs, cats and pocket pets and is very loving. To find out more on Kosta visit his profile page.

If you adopt Kosta and are interested in some pet dog manners training The Dog Project will give you one free group or private course - just get in touch.

Kosta needs a home

Kosta enjoying a walk in the sun at the RSPCA.

RSPCA Cupcake Day

21 July 2011

Perhaps the yummiest fundraising event happens on Monday 15 August where fundraisers around Australia bake cupcakes to raise money for the RSPCA. You can get involved by getting together with work or school colleagues to bake up a storm and sell your wares to hungry friends.

The RSPCA has a fantastic site: you can set up a fundraising page, download a bunch of resources to help promote the day, get recipes and decorating ideas (there is a pupcake recipe for your pooch!), and enter the competition for the most creative cupcake cook!



Spaces available for the Workshop Series

30 June 2011

We kicked off our first Pet Dog Manners class with Fairy Meadow Veterinary Hospital last night with six dogs of varying breeds and ages, and everyone looking forward to the next four weeks!

We've pushed the start date back for our Loose lead walking & coming when called Workshop. It will now kick off this coming Tuesday 5th July 2011. Contact Jacqui if you're interested in attending as there are only a couple of spaces left!

Loose lead walking & coming when called Workshop Tuesdays 7:00 - 8:00pm. 3 week course. Next class starts 5th July 2011.

Contact Jacqui or the Fairy Meadow Veterinary Hospital (02 4238 4889) for more information and bookings.


New behaviour classes at the new Fairy Meadow Veterinary Hospital

14 June 2011

We're excited to announce two new classes being run in conjunction with the Fairy Meadow Veterinary Hospital. Our Loose Lead Walking & Coming When Called Workshop aims to focus intently on two of the most difficult behaviours to master, walking nicely on the lead so the walk can be enjoyable, and coming back to you when it's time to go home!

We're also running a more comprehensive course covering lots of good dog manners including sit, drop, stay, mat training, leaving items, not jumping up and more, as well as walking nicely on a lead and coming when called.

Loose lead walking & coming when called Workshop Tuesdays 7:00 - 8:00pm. 3 week course. Next class starts 21st June 2011.

Pet dog manners (Adult Dog Classes) - Wednesdays 6:30 - 7:30pm. 5 week course. Next class starts 29th June 2011.

Contact Jacqui or the Fairy Meadow Veterinary Hospital (02 4238 4889) for more information and bookings.


The Right Coles Winter Magazine

10 June 2011

Should you use training treats? And if so, how do you use them? These questions and more are covered in an article in this month's Coles Winter Magazine (page 61), with lots of comments from us here at The Dog Project.

Pick up a free copy from your local Coles store.


We walked with many paws

17 May 2011

The 18th Annual RSPCA Million Paws Walk was held across Australia last Sunday 15 May 2011.

The Illawarra's walk was held at Reddall Reserve, on the shores of Lake Illawarra, and we couldn't have asked for a more perfect walking day!

Aside from the hundreds of dogs and their families, there was face painting and a jumping castle for the kids, as well as lots of fun things to buy your puppy dogs, and free vet advice.

Below are a couple of photos from the day, including The Dog Project's own Pessa ready to walk. We also met gorgeous Amber in her fairy wings and young Zane ready to help. Zane announced at the finish line that he was very hungry from that big walk, unpurtbed by the fact he'd been pushed around the course!

dog walking Illawarradog walking Wollongong

million paws walk illawarra

We look forward to another fun day next year.


Million Paws Walk this Sunday...

11 May 2011

The 18th Annual RSPCA Million Paws Walk is being held across Australia this Sunday 15 May 2011.

If you do have a dog it's a great opportunity to get out in the open and enjoy a walk with hundreds of other dog lovers. However you don't need to have a dog to participate, there are plenty of pats to be had for non-dog owning animal lovers!

There are walk locations all across Australia, and most have great stalls, freebies and fun events at the start/finish point. If you're prone to a little fancy dressing there are also competitions for best dressed - just do think about your dog's comfort before you go overboard!

Sign up now and save 25% on registration.

For those in the Illawarra, the walk will be happening at Reddall Reserve on the shores of Lake Illawarra. The walk kicks off at 10am with breakfast served from 8am.

The Dog Project will be there - come and say hi!


Classes launch at PETstock

6 April 2011

PETstock Wollongong stores today announced it will launch PETschool and Puppy Kinda classes in conjunction with The Dog Project. 

“Wollongong, with our fantastic dog beaches, is a great place to live for dog owners” says Ian Mayo of PETstock Albion Park Rail.  “We felt we had a responsibility to the wider community to help continue to educate dog owners.  Our classes cover all the basic pet dog manners, as well as the obligations of being a responsible dog owner.”

Classes will be held within the stores to accommodate the region’s variable weather, and dog owners are able to show off their dog’s new-found dog training skills by performing a trick for the class in the final week.

“Dog ownership can be so rewarding” says Jacqui Tourle of The Dog Project “and a few small hints and tips can turn your dog into your ideal pet.  As a pet owner you owe it to the community to be in control of your dog, and your dog will love you for it.”

Classes start on the 4th May 2011 in Albion Park Rail and 5th May 2011 in Fairy Meadow.  To enrol contact the stores or The Dog Project.


Pets in the City

4 April 2011

Pets in the City is a web site and PDF that has been prepared by the Petcare Information and Advisory Service (PIAS) to assist people residing in higher density living to enjoy the many benefits offered by pets.

Whilst the great Australian dream may have been for a house with a large backyard and a dog, the reality for millions of Australians is very different. Although 53% of Australian households own a dog or cat, this number drops to 17% for households who rent. Population growth means more and more people are living in apartments or high density housing, and coping with a pet in this environment can be stressful.

The web site aims to help people decide if they should have a pet, what pet is right for them, and how to enjoy life with their pet. Get reading!


How To Toilet Train Your Puppy

24 March 2011

House training your dog takes time and patience, but the good news is, it can be simple if you follow a few rules...more advice at Pooch Mag


Who's the top dog in Australia?

11 March 2011

Our 10 most popular dog breeds down under are:

1. Labrador Retriever

2. German Shepherd Dog

3. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

5. Golden Retriever

6. Border Collie

7. Pug

8. English Cocker Spaniel

9. Dalmation

10. Rottweiler

Source: Australian National Kennel Council 2007


Pet Emergency Earthquake Fund

2 March 2011

The SPCA Canterbury (New Zealand's RSPCA) has set up the Pet Emergency Earthquake Fund to help support the health, welfare and care of the large number of affected animals after the Christchurch earthquake. Donate to this appeal now.


Dog Walking

14 February 2011

The Dog Project now offers dog walking in Wollongong. Rates from $10 per dog per walk. Visit our dog walking page for a list of suburbs serviced.


Queensland Wild Weather hits RSPCA

8 February 2011

The RSPCA's shelters in Brisbane and Townsville were severely affected by the recent flooding and Cyclone Yasi. To help with their clean up, please donate directly to RSPCA Queensland.


The RSPCA's Townsville shelter was badly damaged by Cyclone Yasi last week, putting further pressure on vital rescue and recovery services already in full swing after flooding across the state.

If you live in Queensland and have left pets at home and are unable to go back and care for them, please register with RSCPA Qld.

Or, donate some of your time and become a foster carer or wildlife carer for animals in need.