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Blackdog Balance Harness


Front-attach harnesses have saved countless human shoulders! These Balance harnesses from Blackdog work by spinning the dog around slightly if they pull, making it impossible for them to walk & pull. Because they are a harness and don't involve any gear near the face, they are also incredibly easy to introduce and most dogs handle them well within seconds.

For walking attach the lead to the clip on the dogs chest. The clip on the back can be used with a car seat restraint, or be attached to a double-ended lead.

Blackdog balance harness

Balance harnesses come in a range of colours and sizes.

Each size is available in blue/black, purple/black, red/black, green/black & pink/black.

(NB: we don't stock any in mini or XL but they can be sourced if required - contact us)

Small: 20mm wide girth, 20mm wide chest (front) strap. Girth adjustable 47 - 63cm.

Medium: 25mm wide girth, 25mm wide chest (front) strap. Girth adjustable 60 - 83cm.

Large: 20mm wide girth, 20mm wide chest (front) strap. Girth adjustable 80 - 110cm.

Watch a video on how to fit a front-attach harness (the brand is different but the technique is similar).