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Blackdog Treat Tote with belt


A Wide Mouth, Magnetic Close Tote for holding food treats while training.

The Wide Mouth opening makes it quick and easy to get to your dog's favorite rewards and the magnetic clasp will hold the Tote closed at a touch of your hand. 

The Belt Clip allows the Treat Tote to be easily swapped, clipped on, or off a belt, and the webbing belt loops allow you to more securely feed it onto a belt for more permenant connection - or use the the Black Dog Tote Belt to loop it around your waist or over your shoulder.

There are two pockets inside the Treat Tote, allowing you to hold separate treats for two dogs, or quick & silent access to high value rewards.

The Black Dog Treat Tote is 15cm wide, 18cm high and 6cm deep. The front Mesh Pocket - for a ball or treat toy - allows air to circulate and helps prevent any build up of bacteria. The 2 small Side Pockets are for Pick-Up Bags, or perhaps a Clicker and the external loops allow for accessories to be clipped on while not in use.

On the back there is a zippered security pocket, to hold your phone or personal items. The Tote has no mechanical parts to jam or rust, so it can be regularly washed to keep it fresh and clean over a long working life.

The Treat Tote's wide mouth is for easier access, while it's deeper design is to help hold treats securely inside while you run and bend, and you can quickly flip it closed with the magnet clasp. The magnet clasp is easily opened, so it also suits those with any lack of dexterity, or arthritis in the hands or fingers.

This is Mark 2 version of the Treat Tote - Supplied as a Clip On Tote, with Tote Belt included but able to be attached separately, or removed.

On our original style Treat Tote we had an attached Belt, on this version the Belt Clip is back - now locked in place to securely hold the Tote where you want it, and there are Belt Loops if you want to fit it to our Tote Belt, or to your own belt.

Blackdog treat toteBlackdog tote belt

Treat Tote with lots of things in them


Blackdog Treat Tote, including belt, $30.00


Blackdog Treat Pouch - Regular with Sock


Treat pouches are fantastic tools to always have your treats ready! These Blackdog ones are able to be worn over the shoulder or around the waist, and have a snap-shut system meaning treats won't bounce out while you're moving about, but the pouch will also stay open when required.

Best of all they have a handy sock which can be removed & thrown in the washing machine to make cleaning easy. Add in a couple of pockets for keys and doggy bags & you have a great training pouch!

blackdog treat pouch Blackdog treat bag sock insert

NB: all treat bags & socks are black