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Why Dog Training?

When you hear the term ‘dog training’ it is easy to think of dogs who compete in obedience trials or act in movies, but really dog training is dog-human communication.

Dogs are a completely different species with a completely different language who have been thrown into the human world.  They have evolved alongside us for thousands of years, and have done a very good job understanding our strange rules, but they are still different animals who need us to guide them and teach them human ways.

Dog training can be whatever you like, from teaching your dog to sit or lie quietly on their mat or walking nicely on a lead, through to teaching your dog complex tricks. 

At The Dog Project we want you to be able to work with your dog to turn it into your ideal pet, and everyone’s ideal is different!  Speak to Jacqui today about what is most appropriate for your situation and dog. 

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We offer industry education - we can come visit & train your workplace on dog behaviour, body language & safety.

Visit our Simple Dog Tricks page for a great range of easy to teach tricks that everyone can learn!

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Why sending your dog away to be trained doesn’t work

Some dog training businesses offer dog training for your dog without you being present.

I don’t believe this is a sustainable solution because you need to understand your dog, and the dog will react based on the way you interact with him or her. 

If you don’t understand how your dog learned a behaviour, you are not going to understand how to reinforce the behaviour if it starts to slip, or to modify the behaviour. 

If you are involved in the learning process you are much more likely to continue to achieve success in getting the behaviour you’d like from your dog. 

Dog training also strengthens the bond between you and your pet & establishes trust in you as their guardian.  Once you have the basic skills you can go on to teach your dog anything!  This won’t be feasible if someone else has taught your dog, and you’re only given a short summary on how to ‘work’ your dog. 

So don’t opt for the ‘easy’ solution of someone else teaching your dog commands.  Get involved in the process – you will learn lots and have great fun doing it!