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Special Workshops

We'll bring you a range of special topics that can enhance your life with your pet.

Some of the seminars will be people-only, while some will have limited working spots for dogs. Find out more below...


** See all K9 Nose Work workshops here **

A Thriving Pet Dog!

Fairy Meadow Demonstration School

Saturday 12 January 930am - 12 noon. Humans-only. $30 per adult / $50 per family

Does your dog have excess energy? Many of us live increasingly busy lives in limited spaces, but with a little bit of imagination and effort you can create an environment where your dog can thrive. A dog that has its behavioural and environmental needs met is a pleasure to live with!

In this seminar we'll take you through loads of ways you can fulfil your dog's needs without the need to run 15km or hit the dog park each day.

If you have a young, energetic dog then this seminar is for you!



Senior Dogs

Our senior dogs are so special to us, and as they age it can be more difficult to find appropriate outlets given reduced mobility or health concerns.

Research is also showing that keeping a dog's brain active can prolong their health!

This seminar will focus on lots of differnt ideas to keep their brains busy and enriched, tips for appropriate exercise and how to keep an eye on the onset of pain or health concerns.


K9 Nose Work® Taster

Fairy Meadow Demonstration School

Saturday 9 Feb 230pm - 5pm. $45 per dog or $25 per person (no dog) or $40 per family (no dog)

Want to find out more about this awesome canine sport? K9 Nose Work® is scent-detection for pet dogs. Harness the amazing ability of your pet's nose as they begin to search indepenently, and reap the therapeutic benefits including a happy, tired dog!

Suitable for all breeds, ages & abilities, K9 Nose Work® welcomes all dogs, including those with mobility issues or who find other dogs a little over-whelming, as all dogs work one at a time.

This workshop will demonstrate all levels of the sport, from starting out a beginner dog through to demonstrations from dogs who are hunting a specific odour.

We have a limited number of places for beginner and intermediate dogs to join in the workshop



Barking mad

Woof Wonderland Oak Flats

Tuesday 22 January 620pm-8pm. Humans-only. $25 per adult / $40 per family

Is your dog's barking driving you mad?

This seminar will focus on what is potentially causing the barking, and how you can apply management & training measures to help them stop. We will also cover pro-active measures to help ensure barking does not become a problem for your neighbours.

If barking is already a problem, on its way to becoming a problem or you're interested to learn how to avoid it being a problem then this seminar is for you!



Junior Handling Course

Fernhill Guide Hall.

4pm - 445pm each day over 4 consecutive days. $100 per child/dog team.

Next course commences Mon 14th January 2019

Available to children aged between 9 - 15 years, this course is designed to build on the great rapport kids have with their special canine friends. We will cover good 'dogmanship', working with & understanding your pet dog, as well as some fun tricks and behaviours.

The class is limited to 4 dog/children partnerships. Please discuss with us if you are unsure if your child or dog is suited to this course. Our Instructor is Emily Rouen from Switched On Dogs, who has a 'working with children' check. Parents are welcome to watch.

A super-fun class to fulfil both your child & dog!